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Badgerland Home Crypto Mining

9 GPU mining rig 3060m 200MH/s (KawPow)

9 GPU mining rig 3060m 200MH/s (KawPow)

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With 9 3060m gpus packing a punch with 200MH/s on Kawpow this general purpose gpu mining rig can mine any gpu coin with a 6gb or smaller DAG size. The motherboard is a 2cpu xeon board and an included power supply.

The rig will ship to you ready to run (You will need to remove some packing material included to prevent damage in shipping)

To review current earnings check this out

(pictures are provided by our supplier)

If you would like a different gpu combination please contact us and we can come up with a custom rig for you.

Common algorithm hashrates and power usage

DISCLAIMER: The performance may vary between individual gpus and the performance may be slightly more or less than advertised, The power consumption is likewise an estimate based on power consumption and psu efficiency and may be different from advertised (within 150 watts)

Kawpow: 200MH/s 1150 watts

Progpowz: 200MH/s 1200 watts

Blake3: 8.9GH/s 900 watts

Zhash: 450sol/s 900 watts

Nexapow: 500MH/s 1100 watts


8 - 16 Days. An exact delivery date will be provided within 48 hours of your purchase.

Customs & Tarrifs?

Customs & Tariffs are included in the price

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  • On Time Delivery Gaurantee

    To demonstrate our commitment to providing a positive experience for our customers, if your miner arrives after the initial delivery estimate, Badgerland Home Crypto Mining will provide you with the amount of crypto (USDT, USDC) you would have been expected to mine had your miner arrived on time. 


    For example, if says you’re expected daily profit is $5.50/day and your miner is five days late, you will receive $27.50.  This daily amount will be determined by the amount projected on the day of your order.

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